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Organic, Locally sourced flours are the heart of our breads.  Milled locally by Lindley Mills. 

Our Breads are slow fermented over 36 hours.  Artisan Country White - a hard crusted, soft interior white loaf.  A light whole wheat and a Rye and Caraway Seed.  Never any sugar or oil.


Order Ahead - Avoid Disappointment


We are a small batch, artisan baker of breads. 

Our breads are best consumed the day that they are baked.  Due to the size of our bakery we bake to order only.  

Call or Text to: 305-393-0455

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"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance"



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35 West Chatham Street Pittsboro NC United States 27312

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(305) 393-0455

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